After successful bid

Flow after successful bid

1.Buy Now and End Auction Bidding.

2.Current vehicle confirmation work within 24 hours.

3.After confirming the current vehicle, we will send you a confirmation email and an estimate of the final payment amount.

4.Transfer to the designated account within 5 business days after receiving the email.

5.Send payment confirmation email.

After confirming payment


Minimum of 3 or 4 vehicles (depending on vehicle type)
If the number does not reach 3, wait until there are 3
Please contact us if you would like to send 1 or 2


3.document delivery

4.Departure to designated port

Points to note after arriving at the local port

Be sure to take a picture when you arrive at the port and before you unload the container.

1.Appearance photo of the container before opening

2.Photo of the vehicle as it is packed after opening

※We will not compensate for any scratches or other damages caused by taking pictures after the car is taken out of the container.

Cancel policy

About cancellation after a successful bid, it becomes as follows.

1.Cancellation during the current vehicle confirmation work (within 24 hours)

 $300 + handling fee (local vehicle verification fee $200)

2.Cancellation after 24 hours

 50% deposit


 100% deposit

Cancellation charges will be deducted from the deposit.
Also, you cannot participate in the next auction unless you pay the deducted deposit additionally.